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Volunteers & Work Groups:

Disaster Recovery in Rowlett, Texas

In partnership with First Christian Church, Rowlett, the North Texas Area, and Week of Compassion

Work Needed: Long-term Disaster Recovery
On December 26, 2015, Rowlett and neighboring Garland were struck by severe storms and a devastating tornado. Disciples Volunteering, Week of Compassion, the North Texas Area and First Christian Church, Rowlett are supporting the recovery efforts. Mission teams are needed to assist with repair and reconstruction of homes impacted by these disasters, as well as to help with debris clean-up and to serve with other area ministries that have been impacted by this disaster. Needs vary from week to week and it is not unusual for work assignments to change in the days leading up to a given week.


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If you need additional information, please email the church office at OFFICE@FCCROWLETT.ORG